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Artificial Grass Maintenance in Scotland (Aftercare)

Discover the leading service for artificial grass maintenance in Scotland, tailored to enhance and preserve your synthetic turf’s longevity and appeal. Most manufacturers recommend regular maintenance, and our expert aftercare service combats weather wear, ensuring a lush, vibrant lawn all year, perfect for enduring the Scottish climate’s demands.

Scotland’s Best Artificial Grass Aftercare Service

  • Comprehensive Artificial Grass Servicing: Tailored for Scottish climates, ensuring year-round pristine turf.
  • Nationwide Expertise: Skilled professionals working throughout Scotland servicing and repairing damage to all turf types and brands.
  • Insurance: We can help you deal with your insurance company for claims covered by your home insurance
  • Regular Servicing: Optimal upkeep is recommended thrice yearly for the lasting quality of your synthetic grass.
  • Universal Care: Suitable for all UK artificial grass brands.
  • Investment Protection: Specialised aftercare maintains enduring beauty for your fake grass.

Our Artificial Grass Maintenance Services

Artificial Grass Cleaning

This involves the removal of debris, dust, and dirt accumulation on the fake grass. Techniques might include brushing, vacuuming, or using specialised turf-cleaning solutions to ensure your synthetic lawn remains hygienic and visually appealing.

Weed and Moss Control

Even though artificial grass significantly reduces weed growth, occasional sprouting can occur. This service involves applying user-friendly weed killer and moss treatment to prevent and eliminate unwanted vegetation.

Pet Odor and Waste Treatment

Specially designed for pet owners, this service focuses on sanitising the turf to eliminate odours and bacteria from pet waste. It may include enzyme treatments or other methods to ensure the synthetic grass remains fresh and safe for pets and humans.

Infill Replenishment and Leveling

Over time, the infill material (like sand or rubber crumb) can become compacted or uneven. This service involves adding, spreading, and levelling new infill to maintain the turf’s resilience, appearance, and drainage efficiency.

Turf Repair and Patching

This can be booked as a one-off service and includes repairing minor damages to the turf, such as tears or seams coming apart. In cases where the damage is more extensive, such as burn damage from a BBQ or fireworks, patching may involve replacing a small section of the turf with a new piece to ensure uniformity and functionality.

Annual Deep Cleaning Service

Recommended at least once a year beyond regular maintenance. This annual maintenance involves deep cleaning the turf to remove ingrained dirt and bacteria and ensure the longevity of the artificial grass. It may include specialised treatments, intensive brushing, and aeration techniques to rejuvenate the turf.

Our Maintenance Process

  1. Consultation: Reach out to evaluate the condition of your artificial lawn and discuss tailored maintenance plans.
  2. Detailed Inspection: Our professional team will visit your site to check sand infill levels, seams, and tuck details and see what maintenance your fake grass requires.
  3. Scheduled Maintenance: Book a convenient time for our team to perform artificial grass servicing.
  4. Completion: With regular maintenance, your garden will benefit from a durable artificial lawn


Explore our frequently asked questions to uncover essential insights and expert advice on maintaining your artificial grass, ensuring it stays lush and vibrant all year round.

Artificial grass requires regular maintenance to sustain its best appearance. It should undergo professional cleaning, brushing, and sweeping at least annually to ensure it remains in top condition despite its low-maintenance nature compared to real grass.

To maintain artificial grass, engage in a monthly maintenance routine by our expert aftercare service team. This includes using blower equipment to blow debris and other waste material from the synthetic grass and sweeping it with a specialist brush to maintain the pile. Then, we use sanitiser and fragranced shampoo to eliminate odours.

Jet-washing artificial grass is possible but should be approached with caution. Use a low-powered washer to avoid damaging the blades or underlying foundation. It’s generally not necessary for fake grass and can be excessive.

Hoovering quality artificial grass is feasible, especially for removing leaves or plant debris, but it’s not advisable if the grass contains sand infill. Opt for vacuuming on a dry day to prevent messy situations, as wet leaves and debris can complicate the cleaning process.

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