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Do You Put Anything Under Artificial Grass?

Detailed view of underlay materials used in artificial grass installation

This blog post will delve into what goes beneath artificial grass – a crucial aspect that can’t be overlooked. This article aims to enlighten homeowners about the essentials of proper artificial grass installation, the materials used underneath, and how these choices impact your artificial turf’s overall durability and functionality.

As seasoned experts for artificial grass in Edinburgh, Glasgow and surrounding areas, we provide insights grounded in extensive experience. Our commitment to quality is evident in our long-lasting, child and pet-friendly artificial grass options, all backed by up to a 10-year warranty.

Below, you’ll learn about the various underlays used in artificial grass installations, their environmental impacts, and how they contribute to the longevity and appearance of your artificial lawn.

Whether you’re a homeowner considering artificial grass for your garden or a commercial business exploring sustainable landscaping options, there’s something for everyone.

Do You Put Anything Under Artificial Grass?

Yes, you should put specific materials under artificial grass for optimal performance. Shock pads, granite dust, and a sub-base layer are essential for creating a soft, durable, and well-drained artificial lawn.

Understanding an Artificial Grass Base

Shock Pad: Cushioning for Safety and Comfort

Shock pads provide a softer surface, which is especially vital in areas used by children. These pads are porous, allowing moisture to pass through, which is essential for maintaining the turf’s condition. Shock pads meet the UK’s critical fall height requirements for playgrounds or schools. However, they’re not suitable for areas used by pets.

Granite Dust: The Key to Quality Drainage

Granite dust is crucial for ensuring good drainage, a vital aspect of artificial grass longevity. This porous yet strong material allows moisture to flow freely, preventing waterlogging. Compacting granite dust to about 25mm provides a robust, stable base. Avoid laying synthetic turf on only soil. This won’t ever last.

Sub-base: The Foundation for Durability

After levelling the ground, a thin layer of crushed granite stone or similar aggregate creates a solid, well-draining base. A 25mm layer is usually sufficient. Adding a Geo-textile fabric layer helps prevent weeds from disrupting your turf. At this stage, you can include a layer for additional sand or shock absorption, enhancing the underfoot feel of your new turf.

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Other Installation Considerations

Professional vs DIY Installation

While DIY installation is possible, professional installation ensures a longer lifespan of your artificial grass and a more uniform appearance. Proper installation techniques are critical for achieving your artificial grass’s desired durability and aesthetics.

Drainage: Essential for Longevity

Adequate drainage is vital to maintaining your artificial lawn’s appearance and functionality. Poor drainage can lead to many problems, including waterlogging and an unstable surface.

Weed Control

Using a weed membrane prevents unwanted weeds from poking through, helping maintain the pristine look of your artificial lawn without the hassle of frequent maintenance.

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