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Artificial Grass for Dogs in Scotland

Discover the optimal solution for your canine companions with our specialised artificial grass for dogs in Scotland, which has many benefits. It’s designed to withstand playful antics and to dig and stop muddy paws.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Ends Mud & Mess!

  • Keep your fur babies happy and clean.
  • Have a great-looking garden all year round.
  • No more patchy, urine stained or dug-up lawns
  • Pet friendly artificial grass is easy to maintain and clean
  • Forget the reseeding or fertilising of your natural turf anymore
  • Say goodbye to muddy paw prints for good.

a natural lawn with mud and divits before After laying the artificial lawn

Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation for Pets?

End of Yellow Stains

Eliminate unsightly yellow stains that natural grass can’t avoid. Our professional artificial grass stays lush and green, impervious to the effects of pet urine. Enjoy a flawless lawn all year round, free from the typical discolourations caused by pet waste, ensuring your garden looks fantastic.

No More Muddy Patches

Forget the days of cleaning up after your pets muddy adventures. Quality artificial grass means no mud, mess, or fuss, regardless of the weather. Maintain a clean home and a happy pet with our mud-free solution, ensuring your pet can roam freely without the post-playtime cleanup.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Our hard wearing artificial grass is designed for all seasons, providing a consistent, weather-resistant play area for your pets. Your pets can enjoy the outdoors any day of the year, offering you peace of mind and a reliable space for exercise and fun.

Low Maintenance, High Reward

Dog owners say goodbye to lawn mowing, watering, and fertilising. Artificial grass is easy to maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep it looking great. Spend less time on garden work and more time with your pets, enjoying the benefits of a beautiful, hassle-free lawn.

Pets Love Artificial Turf

Our artificial grass is soft yet durable, providing a comfortable and safe environment for pets to play, rest, and explore. Rest assured, knowing your furry friend enjoys a gentle surface free from harmful chemicals that cushions their paws and is safe for all their activities.

Top Drainage, No Puddles

Engineered with excellent drainage capabilities, our fake grass avoids water pooling and ensures a dry playing surface for your furry friends. Keep your garden accessible and enjoyable for your pets without the inconvenience of puddles or muddy areas.

Our Installation Process

  1. Quotation: Request a quote online or contact us to start your project.
  2. Survey: We’ll visit you, showcase samples, and detail your installation plan.
  3. Installation: Our experts will efficiently install your dog-friendly artificial grass.
  4. Aftercare: Receive our 8-year warranty and easy maintenance guide.


Explore our frequently asked questions to uncover essential insights and practical advice on ensuring your artificial grass perfectly suits your furry friends.

The best sub-base for pet owners is granite or limestone chippings of 10-20mm size. These materials allow proper drainage while avoiding the odour retention issues associated with shock pads.

Yes, canines can urinate on artificial grass just as on natural grass. The artificial turf is designed to drain urine effectively, much like rainwater, eliminating the need for manual urine cleaning by dog owners.

When you install artificial grass prevent it from smelling of dog urine:Promptly remove any solid waste.

  1. Thoroughly hose down the affected area.
  2. Apply an enzymatic cleaner or a homemade vinegar solution.
  3. Allow the cleaning solution to sit and penetrate the area.
  4. Rinse the area thoroughly.
  5. Optionally, use a turf deodoriser for extra odour control.

The optimal pile height for artificial grass made from polyethylene or polypropylene should be between 25mm and 40mm for pets. This range balances comfort for your pets and the durability of the turf.

No, four-legged friends do not ruin artificial grass. Synthetic turf is resilient and designed to withstand the activity of one or multiple pets, ensuring durability and a lasting green appearance with no muddy paws.

In Scotland, it’s doubtful that artificial grass will become too hot for pets paws due to the moderate climate. However, selecting high-quality turf and providing shade and water can mitigate heat risks.

Dog urine kills real grass because it’s high in nitrogen, which, in concentrated amounts, can burn the grass similarly to an excessive nitrogen-rich fertiliser. Small amounts benefit the lawn, but large quantities cause damage.

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